Everything a brand needs to stand out in a competitive market and reach out for new gains is created at Mill Studio: strategy, creation and design at the highest level.

millstudio_Michał Dusza

web developer

Michał Dusza

millstudio_Natalia Czekaj

content manager

Natalia Czekaj

millstudio_Mateusz Pappe

artist & graphic designer

Mateusz Pappe

millstudio_Marta Szmyd

partner & account executive

Marta Szmyd

millstudio_Antonina Jasińska

partner & creative director

Antonina Jasińska

millstudio_Katarzyna Biel

UI & graphic designer

Katarzyna Biel

millstudio_Piotr Sember

full stack developer

Piotr Sember

We are fluent in the language of visual communication and we know how to use it to encourage, persuade, educate or wow a viewer.

Your wish is not our command.It is our challenge.

We will use our experience, abilities and talent to meet it.