We believe in beauty. We believe in functionality.

We believe

that your brand

deserves both.

We know that you understand your brand, and what it needs, better than anyone.

We can show you

new possibilities

and new technology.

Let’s get to know each other

We’re just starting out together, so let’s get to know each other well.  Each working relationship starts with a meeting at which we talk about problems, dreams and goals.  We want to know what you need, to point out new possibilities, and explain what we’re going to be doing in our work together.

millstudio_Let’s get to know each other

What we offer

Our proposal for your brand is prepared just for you, and organized into modules.  In this way, each Client can clearly see every element of the project. Together, we can optimise the range of work we do, and put together an offer to suit your needs.

millstudio_What we offer

The Foundation

At this stage, we work together on the building blocks of the project. In consultation with the Client, we create a map of our work together – a content structure which will guide us like a lighthouse throughout our journey in this project. We usually complete this stage by workshopping with the Client, turning everything upside down and putting it back together in a new improved form.

millstudio_The Foundation


And the Grand Finale, the icing on the cake, the reward for our efforts – a project, a design with the WOW factor!!! This is the point when the most spectacular fruits of our labour appear, when our agreements come to life, and the Client gets what they have been waiting for.  This might be a full visual identity, a logo, a website, promotional materials, publications, a book, a yearly report – the sky is the limit.


Our Clients’ development is what drives us.


Our Clients’ development is what drives us.

We believe that together, we will lift your brand up to a new level.