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TaxUnit is a financial and legal consulting company, located in Kraków, Poland. It helps various companies deal with the document workflow and the their legal strategies. The unique value of Taxunit is their individual approach to clients, eg. technology start-ups, IT companies and others, in different, very specialized areas.

Our job was to create unique company name and the whole visual identity. 

We created and designed the company name along with the logo, website and all the promotional materials and prints.

We decided to use the, typical for the financial area, percent symbol and combine it with typographic idea for Taxunit logotype. We have hidden the symbol in the letter X, as after many experiments it seemed to be clever and logical solution.

We used the sign, and its characteristic diagonal shape while designing all the other promotional elements. Also worth mentioning is the yellow color used in Taxunit’s visual identity – we used it to create a clear contrast with the most common usage of the blue code within other legal/financial companies, what makes Taxunit visuals even more unique.

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