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A few years ago, we made contact with some very likeable people from Sweden who work for the Council of the Baltic Sea States, CBSS, an international organization bringing together 11 countries with the main aim of increasing safety and stability in the Baltic region through cooperation in many fields.

In 2013, CBSS approached us with a request for help in putting together a printed report and creating a website which, apart from being a source of information, was also to be a communication platform for the members of BalticLab.

What inspired us most when we started work on the design concept were rough sketches drawn by participants in the project – “doodles”.

This is what led us to come up with the idea of creating 65 synthetic portraits based on photographs.  This approach gave an air of lightness and freedom to both the printed report and the website.  It also had an effect on all the tweets which were included in the report, which are now seen as thoughts and reflections that have been casually thrown in, rather than an attempt to copy something “digital” to something “analogue”.

This first, successful project was the beginning of a long working relationship.  We now have an effective system which allows us to solve any problem from our computers, with only an email or skype call.  First we establish what the job includes, then we price it and give it a timeframe.  We always get a full set of materials from CBSS.  All text files and photos are clearly labelled, which allows us to avoid mistakes and optimize the time spent on each publication.


When creating the layout concept and cover, we know the amount of pages and print trimming, which allows us to prepare a cost estimate for printing, predict the exact production time and reserve a timeslot at the printer’s.

After choosing the layout and cover, there is time for any corrections and for composition of the whole. The next stage is consists of implementing adjustments.  When everything has been accepted by the company and prepared for printing, we hand the files over to the printer’s.  As we wait for the publication to be ready, we organize delivery, which is usually to Sweden, but sometimes to other countries, such as Iceland.

Our work with CBSS shows that these days, everything can be done long-distance, and that when both sides are willing, any problem can be solved.  The trust of such a great, discerning Client is priceless to us.

Team assets:


Piotr Sember


Katarzyna Biel

partner & creative director

Antonina Jasińska

+48 602 188 765



analysis of the client and target group’s communication needs

organizing content

creating report structure



layout design

photo editing

folder composition



DTP + overseeing printing



creation of website structure



design of client panel/ UX

layout design + RWD / UI



design implementation / CSS3, HTML5, JS

backend coding / PHP, MySQL

WordPress integration / CMS